Double Layer Mesh Chain Bubble Washing Machine

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The machine consumes less water and meets water-saving requirements. Simple structure, clean, practical, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. It is widely used in cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of vegetables, fruit processing and catering industry.

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The stems and leafy vegetables, sliced cabbage, potato roots and various fruits and other materials are continuously washed in a high-pressure tumbling bubble water tank driven by the mesh chain. With the function of a rotating brush, the materials are repeatedly washed away. The effluent is further washed by spraying. The water in the water tank is filtered by the auxiliary water tank, and then pumped into the water tank after being pressurized by the pipeline pump. If disinfection is required, a certain concentration of disinfectant can be provided in the water tank; if cyanide is needed to kill and sterilize, steam can be heated in the water tank.


The Technical Parameters

Production capacity: 1-3 tons / hour, walking speed controlled by step less variable speed
motor Bubble machine: 2.2KW vortex inflatable aerator
High pressure spray: 0.75KW pipeline pump
Dimensions 5000 × 1280 × 1800mm

Sales Service

Delivery Time: 15days for customized products,7 days for fininshed products
Payment: custom product 30%T/T as deposit, 70%T/T before delivery. Final product paid in full.

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