Solid Liquid Separation

  • LG-900 vertical automatic centrifugal machine

    LG-900 vertical automatic centrifugal machine

    Inner cylinder capacity: about 150Kg Cylinder speed: 0-840 RPM
    Motor power: 11KW
    Dehydration rate: 45%-75%
    Inner diameter: φ885mm weight: 886kg
    Production capacity: about 2000-3000kg/h
    Dimensions: 2100×2100×2100mm
    Accessories: air compressor, air tank, electric control box

  • Tripod centrifugal dehydrator machine

    Tripod centrifugal dehydrator machine

    Centrifugal ejector is a general mechanical equipment for clearance operation, which is composed of shell, drum, chassis, hanger rod, damping spring, batching box transmission parts, clutch and brake device parts.

  • Vibratory draining machine distributing machine

    Vibratory draining machine distributing machine

    Vibration asphalt cloth machine is widely used in dehydrated vegetables, tea, dried fruit, spices, medicine, food and other industries, vibration using vibration motor excitation as vibration source, so that the material is thrown up on the screen plate, at the same time as a straight motion forward, materials from the feeder evenly into the feed port of the screen machine, Through the multi-layer screen to produce a number of specifications of the screen, under the screen, respectively from their respective outlet discharge. With low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, no dust overflow, automatic discharge, more suitable for assembly line operation.