Screw Blanching Machine For Root Vegetables

Short Description:

The unit is composed of belt feeder, spiral blanching machine and cooling trough. It is practical, automatic feeding, high efficiency, small occupation area, energy saving, water saving, safe and reliable. The inner bladder is made into separate body, which is easy to disassemble and remove water pollution. Suitable for processing carrots, cabbage, green stem vegetables, taro seeds, green beans, garlic seedlings, mushrooms and other materials pre-boiling kill cyanine.

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Supply Specifications

1. Screw drum diameter φ 1200, LG-1200 type.
2. Screw drum diameter φ 1400, LG-1400 type.

Pre-cooking Time

Control with electromagnetic speed regulating motor, normal 1-10 minutes. Beyond the range, change the diameter of the motor belt plate to change the transmission ratio. Carrot and potato class 5-10 minutes, motor plate φ 100, reducer φ 200. Korea vegetables, green stem vegetables 45 seconds - 1 minute, motor plate φ 100, 110 reducer, can get the required time.

Supporting Power

Electromagnetic speed regulating motor 1.5-3KW and the corresponding reduction box.

Use and Precautions

1. Before starting the motor belt wheel, check the rotation of each part should be flexible, no friction and harmful noise.
2. The line is three-phase and four-wire system, with a total of 4 terminals, among which 3 red lines are three-phase power supply and 1 yellow line is zero line.
3. The drive motor can be full pressure start, the controller switch closed, adjust the speed knob should gradually rise to the required speed, turn to zero when stopping, turn off the controller power supply and cut off the total power supply.

This series of products cover one year, lifelong maintenance service.

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