LG-680 Multi-functional Vegetables Cutting Machine

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The machine has been optimized and transformed by designers comparing the advantages and disadvantages of similar machines at home and abroad. Stainless steel full rolling bearing structure, with mature and reliable, easy to use and maintenance, beautiful appearance and other characteristics. It is suitable for processing, slicing and dicing vegetables in food industry

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Technical parameters and Description:

1. Section cutting: the arc cutter assembly is installed to cut the stem and other materials. The section length is 2-30. If the section length is 10-60mm, the spindle motor will be changed from 0.75KW-4 to 0.75KW-6.
2. Cutting: install custom cutter head assembly to cut stem and leaf, block shape is 10 × 10 ~ 25 × 25. If you need to cut more than 20 x 20, install a spare cutter window cover, cover one of the Windows and cut with a single window.
3. Shredding: Replace custom 3 × 3 ~ 8 × 8 tool head assemblies, wires, strips and dice less than 30 F in length
4. Oblique cutting: change the installation Angle of the cutter and the feed groove, cut out a 30°~ 45° oblique Angle, divided into horizontal and cutting two kinds.


5. Cutting length: the main shaft is generally 810 RPM, and the feeding groove is driven by 0.75KW electromagnetic speed regulating motor or frequency converter through 1:86 reducer and pulley. You just turn the speedometer knob to get the cut length.
6. Output :1000 ~ 3000kg/h
7. Appearance :1200 × 730 × 1350, feeding tank 200 × 1000.
8. Weight :220 kg

Instructions and precautions:

1. The machine is equipped with safety devices. After closing the door, the starter motor runs normally. When the door opens, it stops automatically. Fingers should be kept away from high-speed blades during operation.
2. The blade must be sharpened, and the gap between the moving blade and the lower blade should be adjusted to 0.5 ~ 2.0mm.
3. The position of the upper and lower conveyor belt must be adjusted in the middle of the conveying trough, and the pressing spring screws must be tightened.
4. The feeding material should be laid flat, neatly arranged and highly consistent. Good grain shape can be obtained by continuous stagger feeding, neat cutting and consistent length.
5. After adjusting the cutting length, cut off the power switch when the machine stops, and the speedometer does not need to return to zero.
6. Always pay attention to check the inside of the conveyor belt and the surface of the conveyor roller can not clamp the material. Once there is accumulation, it will affect the particle shape or cut off the conveyor belt. Once locked, close and clean immediately, usually every 4 hours.
7. The machine must keep its balance. If vibration is found, stop the machine for inspection. Otherwise, the speedometer may be damaged or unsafe accidents may occur.
1) Slice, single edge cutting of slice:
A. The factory is equipped with arc cutter assembly (see figure). Vibration due to tool wear can increase or decrease the gasket.
B. Install the second arc knife in the position of the counterweight block. The first knife cuts and the second knife balances. The two knives should be exchanged alternately to prevent one of them from being worn out of balance.
2) Double knife sections and slices (see figure).
8. Custom head assembly for cutting blocks and wires. The knife

Frequency converter control motor wiring and operation method:

1. Circuit: three phase three wire. A chartreuse two-tone wire protruded from beneath the control box. This is a protective ground wire. After the machine is installed, it must be grounded, otherwise the operator may feel numbness in his hands.
2. Start: press the green start button → the cutter motor runs → turn on the inverter switch → adjust the inverter knob to change the cutting length.
3. Stop: Press the red stop button.
Bearing and oil seal:
1. Main shaft bearing :207 3 sets; Oil seal :355812 yuan
2. Double sealed bearings on upper and lower conveyor belts :180,204,5 sets
3. Transmission bearings :205 4 sets, 206 2 sets; 4 oil seals 254210, 2 oil seals 304510; External spherical bearing of axle :P205 1 set

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