LG-400 Fruit And Vegetable Dicing Machine

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The fruit and vegetable three-dimensional fresh cut machine (i.e. Large dicing  machine)is the company and the Jiangsu University jointly assume the provincial science and Technology Department of science and technology plan to support research projects,which belongs to the high-tech product, has a national invention patents and a number of national utility model patents. The main feature of the machine is: cutting size range,up to 25mm cube; cutting parts and mechanical transmission parts are thoroughly isolat-ed, completely eliminate the contamination of the product; no sanitation dead, the team Suitable for potato, carrot, potato, onion, green pepper, strawberry, apple, peach, pear, pineapple and other tubers of fresh fruits and vegetables cut into slices, strips, diced product.

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Working Principle

Material from the feed hopper into a rotating propeller, under the action of centrifugal force, close to the inner side of the outer shell, with the propeller blades through the slicing knife cut into pieces; section in comb with the blade seat moves between a rotat-ing disc knife is cut into strips; and then moved to the rotation of the transverse cutter,cut set square, rectangle or other preset dimension.

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Installation Operation

1.The machinery will be shipped to the designated position,should have enough space, convenient cleaning and repair and maintenance

2. Braking caster screw, prevent the boot after the shift. Such as .the uneven ground, need to add the adjustment pad, ensure that the machine is stable and reliable. Under the machine has a ground mark, at the mark please correctly grounding

3.Check the feed port and the thrusters whether foreign bodies,open the machine cover, rotating propeller shaft synchronous
belt wheel by hand whether there is abnormal sound, confirm the machine without foreign body. As a foreign body must be clean to avoid cutter damage.

4. By a professional electrician machine with power cables, connected to the output terminals ( such as workshop on long enough, can replace the same type cable ). When energized, a power control box on the panel of the red indicator light.

5.By a professional electrician press power control box panel green" start" button, after 2 seconds then press the "stop" button ( i.e. try electricity ). Observation of propeller blades are along the clockwise rotation. Otherwise, the need to adjust the connec-tion and try again. Distribution control box door open.

6.The propeller rotational direction correctly, again after the motor is started (i.e., propeller and continuous operation), by a .professional electrician open distribution box door, according to the cutting of material type, control of frequency converter control panel on the adjustable knob, a digital display changes in the value of observation. In general, the cutting of hard fruits and vegetables, selection of numerical frequency is high, up to 50Hz; cutting with tender soft fruit and vegetable, selection of numerical frequency is low, the smallest shall not be less than 30Hz

7.The propeller rotational speed is stable, can from the feed inlet is uniformly feeding ( generally with the inclined conveyor feed ). Professional electrical control box door power lock. In the process of production, no longer open power control box.


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